Published since 1971, The Witches Almanac is a perennial favorite. Each year has a theme (the Spring 2009 issue, #26, for example is plants and healing herbs); this year it is Animals Great and Small. This theme organizes the many articles that supplement the “ . . . pictorial and explicit delineations of the magical phases of the Moon together with information about astrological portents of the year to come . . .”


This is a wonderful collection of information that feels immediately relevant and useful. Looking through, I see a collection that includes “The Calico Cat,” “Mayan Calendar Prophecy,” “The Buzz from the Beekeepers,” “Garlic Makes it Good,” and a solid little article on Friday the 13th (of which there are three in 2010). As well there is a great moon calendar, one that begins with Capricorn (December 21, 2009) and a really concise, precise, horoscope (“Presage”) starting with Aries in 2010 and going through Pisces in 2011.


More information and articles (Including a weekly spell) is available through their website, link found below.)


I review a lot of annuals and one of the things I like best about this one is that it deliberately muddles with one’s sense of timing. It doesn’t conform to most calendars, solar, lunar or astrological. It deliberate creates a sense of awareness as to one’s place in the flow of time, and how that sense of location can change radically with a change in perspective.


Highly recommended.


~review by Lisa Mc Sherry


Editor: Theitic

The Witches' Almanac Ltd, 2009

pp. 136, $11.95