Web of Light; Rites for Witches in the New Age is not a book I could recommend to many. Very few, in truth.  Written by Morwyn, it does include a lot of information and correspondences that one does not typically find in readily-available books on Witchcraft including information about trees and pyromancy.  However, throughout the book there is a definite feel of “this is how it’s done.”  Morwyn offers little option for personal interpretation or influence from one’s own system of belief.  Though it is specified that the information is from the Author’s coven and personal Book of Shadows, the way sentences are phrased it seems implied that all Witches do things like this, and indeed are supposed to do things like this.  Even the blurb on the back cover has this feel.  The book would have been much better served were it stated that this is merely one way of doing things.

Despite the phrasing, this book does include good information that many experienced Witches could benefit from.  The correspondences, information about Sabbats and other unique rituals can definitely benefit one’s own Book of Shadows and give a view of how someone else does things.

This is a book for someone who has already found their way within the path of Witchcraft and can look past the “this is how it’s done” phrasing.  The information is unique and sound and the rituals can offer an alternative way of doing things.  However, if you are new to Witchcraft, leave this book and find one better suited for a novice.

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Morwyn
Whitford Press, 1993
pp. 219