Wild Witch is a book about reconnecting. When we are young, we found mysterious and magic in the natural world around us. As we have grown, we have let life and technology consume our time and environment. The Wild Witch can still be found within and in any setting. Author Marian Green guides the reader to reconnect our relationship with nature and the world around us.

The book explains some of the basic concepts and mindset one should have on this path and then starts into the chapters for herb, plant and tree lore, the elements, paying attention to your senses, deities, seasons, and more. Whether the reader is new to the path or an experienced witch, the book is a great refresher for everyone. Within the chapters are visualizations and activities to do on your own. I personally love meditation and guided visualizations to feel more connected in my pagan path. The visualization can be read by a friend to the reader or you could record it to listen to for the full visualization. Some of my most powerful experiences have been with guided meditation experiences. Do yourself a favor and try the ‘Jack in the Green’ and ‘The Green Lady’ visualizations in the book.

The book also suggests either visiting your existing garden or planting your own. To be able to nurture and grow is the very essence of the wild witch. Whether you plant a small windowsill herb or a full garden, this will allow for the reader to truly connect directly with the natural world. The next chapter dives into The Sacred Waters. The author covers the background, how to bless the water, uses for consecration of yourself and places, dowsing, healing aspects, and scrying. Following the water element, the author goes into the flame and how to use fire in your magical working. Fire has always been a sacred element and very powerful for the witch. Whether you are working with a bonfire or a small candle flame, the book will help guide the reader to reach deeper levels of awareness. Wild Witch also goes into Deity including a basic ritual to connect that suite the individual. Deity work can be done over and over and have different results based on the intentions that are set.
Lastly the seasons and cycles are discussed. The chapter gives a brief overview of the season and how best to attune yourself with each. These rituals teach the reader the meaning and connect them to the great wheel and circle of life.

What I loved most about Wild Witch was the idea of realigning with the natural world. We become so tied to technology, social media, and distractions, we forget that sometimes we need to stop and listen to the songbirds, feel the wind upon our cheek, dance in the rain, and open our souls to the gifts of Mother Nature all around us.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Marian Green
Weiser Books, 2019
pp. 208, $16.95