Witches and Pagans often feel called to make a change in the world. We have seen and experienced injustice, prosecution for decades. Whether you are out or still in the broom closet, you can take part in making change. Magick is about setting intentions many of us feel the need to work towards our best and highest good. We have tools for change in the mundane as well as the magickal world. For those who feel called to be the change, Witchcraft Activism is a great guide for using the tools you have at your disposal.

Author David Salisbury starts out with the basics and how best to approach and view methods for activism. He showcases some of the mundane activities to start with such as petitioning, letter writing, lobbying, outreach and volunteering, marching and demonstrating etc. It is best to combine the mundane with setting your magickal intentions for the best results.

After reviewing the several types of activism, he next dives into applying magick to these actions. First is to establish intent. With any magickal workings, we need to let the universe know what we want and help clearly state our goal to ourselves as well. Using the Witch’s pyramid and the four points, to know, to will, to dare, and to keep silent, he explains the best usage of these fundamental keys to set you intention and clearly define your goal.

The author then guides the reader to apply the physical and spiritual methods for the best chance at achieving the goal. He covers prayer work, creative visualization, chanting and mantras, sigils, candle spells, charms, rituals, spirit servitors, seven-day candle spells. He also helps teach the reader the various raising power methods.
After finishing up with the basics, the next section is starting the work. The following section covers strategizing, building a defense, building an offense, and the victory and loss. There is so much great information and ideas in this section, this part alone is worth having this book on your shelf!

The book then concludes with the history and culture, conclusion, glossary, and recommended further reading.

We live in difficult times with injustice, oppression, and hatred. We have the ability to take a stand and fight, allow our voices to be heard and set forth the changes we want and need. Even the smallest contributions can make a difference. For anyone with the passion and drive to be the change you want to see in the world, I highly recommend this book.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: David Salisbury
Weiser Books, March 1, 2019
pp. 192, $14.95