While books aimed at newcomers to witchcraft are fairly common, Witchcraft Discovered offers a fresh take. 

First of all, it's aimed at readers in the Southern Hemisphere, opening up a whole new way of working with the seasons for those of us in the -- bone-typical -- North. It also focuses on the DOING of witchcraft, avoiding the trap of being entirely theoretical. So refreshing.

  • We begin with the Head and the essential background and history of witchcraft. Winter's background as a scholar and writer shines through.
  • The next section, Hands, offers the reader the practical exercises and activities needed to learn.
  • Heart brings the reader through a great lump of information; much of it could have been included under Hands. So, this felt a bit arbitrary. BUT! It's well done and thought-through. My quibble is with the organization, not the writing or knowledge offered.
  • The book closes with Going Deeper, what you might consider doing to move beyond the beginning.

Winter is a great writer and felt very much like sitting down with a knowledgeable friend over (several!) cups of tea. Having read Witchcraft Discovered, I want to go read her previous book, Fire Magic!

~review by Lisa McSherry

Author: Josephine Winter
Llewellyn Publications, 2023
pp. 288, $18.63