The Witches Book of Mysteries is the last installment in the Witch Power trilogy series which began with The Witches Book of Power and The Witches Book of Spirits. In the Book of Power, Hunter explored the various ways to construct your witch power. In the Book of Spirits he covered utilizing that witch power to working with spirits, mediumship, and conjuring. In this final book, the author explores the ‘key to the divine’. The book covers topics to help you with relationships with familiars, guides, spirits and gods. This third book focus is more advanced, so for our beginners I would suggest starting out with The Witches Book of Power. Each book expands further so reading in order is recommended.

If you are ready to take your craft to the next level, this book is for you. The book breaks down into sixteen chapters. The chapters cover the subjects like gnosis, power, the witch’s eye, the witch’s dream, sigils, symbolism in dreams, animals, gemstones, protocols, activating quintessence, lucid dreaming, rituals and more. For the seasoned practioner, this book needs to have a space on your magickal bookshelf. The content is plentiful and great for referencing time and time again.

Devin Hunter’s writing style is easy to follow and he walks you through the material. Although some of the content can seem heavy, it feels as you have a personal guide by your side. He combines the information with his own personal experiences that makes the book hard to put down once you start. The questions and exercises allow the reader to dive deep with a seasoned mentor giving guidance. If you are on a path looking for a book to guide you into advanced magick, this is the perfect course book. If you are closer to a beginner, start with the first book and work your way up to this one.

Recommended for advanced users.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Devin Hunter
Llewellyn Publications, May 8, 2019
pp. 318, $21.99