My personal journey into witchcraft came from a deep yearning to find some kind of control over a life that was chaotic; I needed to find my own power and use it to create the change I needed to find in my life. Witchcraft gave me that power and its a practice I continue to follow to this day. As the years have gone on, it seems to me that a downside of the accessibility of information about witchcraft and its techniques has created a vast group of people who enjoy the trappings of being a witch but not the responsibility. Ultimately, this leads to people who call themselves witches who have never worked magick.

In The Witch's Book of Power author Devin Hunter offers a rejuvenating practice based on acknowledging and allowing one's Self to be a powerful person within the world. It's a concept that will scare some, entice others, and has the potential to create a lot of problems . . . but I'm inclined to let Fate and the Deities have Their way. Expressing one's power has consequences, one reason I am sure many refuse to step into that mode.

The book has three separate parts: In the first are three core concepts of power in Witchcraft and the focus is Witch Power, the frequency of power that resides within every magical person. The second part encompasses Cosmic Power, the frequencies of power that have formed us into the people we are at this moment. This focus is on the birth chart and the basics of astrology. The third part is of the book is titled Allies in Power and explores the process of working with Deities and spirits (including familiars, land spirits, and spirit guides) in order to gain power additional power from the partnership. The book closes with a recommended reading list and an index.

Hunter says we are magnificent creatures with the power to be gods if we would only acknowledge and practice our power. One way to do so is to practice our magick daily, in small events and large. I know I resonated with the idea of parking magick: any urban person would. It's such a practical aspect of exercising one's will upon the environment, and when it succeeds, you get immediately positive feedback.

My one criticism is with the over-dependence and focus on (western) astrology. Astrology has its place, but its not as another power source as Hunter seems to make it out to be. Put another way, in my opinion astrology is a tool for self-discovery, and potentially (in the hands of a skilled worker) divination. This section was not my favorite and made me unhappy.

There are, however, many positives in The Witch's Book of Power! Hunter's practices such as the Darkness Meditation, the Primal Soul, and the Tree of Knowledge Trance were absolutely gorgeous and amazing. These practices, along with the resounding emphasis on acknowledging one's personal power are the reasons why every witch should have a copy -- well-thumbed and clearly oft-read -- in their library.

Strongly recommended.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author: Devin Hunter
Llewellyn Publications, 2016
pp. 360, $19.95