Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton is one of those books that speaks to your soul and enriches it, page after page.  Through the first two chapters Kempton talks about the Divine Feminine as well as the Hindu Pantheon and how the Divine Feminine works within the Hindu Pantheon.  After the first two chapters Kempton then begins to speak, in detail, about 11 different Hindu Goddesses.  In one of the appendices there is a quiz section to determine "which goddess are you."

The chapters on each Goddess are enrapturing.  They include stories of the Goddess, mantras, how to work with the Goddess, meditations and so forth.  Each chapter can really help the reader get to know the Goddess as well as help with working with the Goddess in personal practice. 

In the end of the book Kempton includes various appendices including a quiz, group workings and a pronunciation guide to mantras.  All in all this is a wonderful book and my life is extremely enriched for having read it and having it in my life.  I highly, highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Goddess worship and the Divine Feminine.

~Review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Sally Kempton
Sounds True Inc., 2013
ppg. 374; $19.95