Long awaited on the music horizon, Beyond the Cedar Moon has finally ar­rived and carries with it classic Craig Olson music magick! Craig describes his music as "contemporary folk-rock and tribal spirit grooves" but he also manages to weave jazz, funk and true rock touches into this outstanding recording. The beauty of this magickal blend is it is appealing to any listener. This all original CD is one that every TBP reader must have; "good music" can be played at home or work and is a wonderful gift for family and friends.


Craig's dedication to Gaia and all liv­ing things is present in every tune. Songs like "See Her Shining" a devotional ode !o the moon, and "Spirit of the Eagle" an inspired request for wisdom from animal spirits speak volumes of his commitment to his spiritual path and honoring the earth. "The Wheel" is a rockin' celebration of the endless, returning cycles of life. My personal favorite "Circle Song" is an in­vocation to ihe four directions that always gets everyone up dancing! "Secret Place" "Burning Fire" and "Touch Me There" weave in wonderful variety. Title track "Beyond the Cedar Moon" touches the lis­tener deeply, and may even move you to tears as Craig's unclouded voice expresses the urgent need to stop deforestation and environmental devastation. Be­yond the Cedar Moon touches on other endear­ing subjects such as relation-ships and the work they re­quire, the joys of drumming around a fire and the gifts and lessons that come through from a walk on the beach.


Inslruments on this CD include acous­tic and electric 6 & 12 string guitars, vo­cals, mandolin, djembe and percussion, piano, drums and bass. Craig's multitudes of talents shine through on this project. Juliannc Marx adds evocative vocals on "Love Has Set Us Tree" and "Only l.ove Remains." The closing anthem is a divine finale by the 13 member Stella Maris Choir singing "Ave Stella Maris." This devo­tional trance piece to the Mother Ocean is co-written by Craig's partner and original Brideswell Collective member Joanna Powell Colbert. Joanna also created the original cover art, graphic design and lay­out.


Beyond the Cedar Moon is a perfect manifestation of exquisite song-writing and musicianship, likeable honks, flawless production and Craigs clear and passion-ale voice and understandable lyrics speak lo all hearts. You can listen to samples from the CD and order your own copy on line via secure server at http:// This is an ABSOLUTE must have for everyone's music collection!


~review by Nora Cedarwind

Artist: Craig Olson

Mud Bay Records