Evan Bartholomew has given us a treasure in his CD, Borderlands. The music is  Modern Classical or Ambient Soundtrack, and I’ve been listening to it every night since I acquired it.

In Borderlands, Bartholomew asks us to explore six themes, from “Birth” to  “Tomorrow”. Each theme has two pieces of music that help one explore their own emotions.

This CD can be “go to sleep music” or can be used for mediation or just relaxing music in the evenings.

The artist uses two names besides his given name, “Bluetech” and also “Evan Marc” and varieties of his music can be found under all of these names.

There are musical surprises in this artist’s work and they are lovely surprises. 


review by: Jae Napolitano

Artist:  Evan Bartholomew

Released by:  newland music, $15.98