Ken Elkinson has gifted us with his sixth CD, Generations of Yuletide.  He’s reached across the ages to bring us music that most of us probably never heard of, mixed it with more recent holiday music and then put his own spin on all of it.  What’s even better is that he’s done it successfully.

When Ken Elkinson was born, his grandmother took one look at his long fingers and predicted that he would be a piano player and a piano player he most definitely is. In my first moment of listening to this CD, I realized that Mr. Elkinson does not tickle the piano keys.  He has a firm touch on the keys that deepens the notes of the music. 

With his renditions of songs, from Gabriel’s Message to Greensleeves, Elkinson challenges us to broaden our experience of Yuletide music. Listening to this CD is pleasant, but also prompts a range of emotions from soothing to holiday happy.

This CD of sixteen Yuletide songs is available at all the major web sites as well as many retail stores and also from his website listed below.

I’m enjoying this CD.  

~review by Jae Napolitano

Artist:  Ken Elkinson

August Son Productions, $12.00