Seiden has created a mellow and easy listening CD filled with flute music with the occasional drum accompaniment which takes the listener to a calm and peaceful place.  If you like flute music buy this CD you will be thrilled.  This CD is great for meditation and de-stressing at the end of the day. 

The CD begins with a slow haunting tune which has a Native American feel to it.  Then she flows seamlessly into a flute and drum song.  Her tracks flow from one to the next with an ease of connection.  While all of the tracks are slow and meditative, Seiden includes a feel of Celtic, jazz, Native American, African, and Middle Eastern feel in different tracks. Skillfully using only her flute, Seiden takes the listener to a bird filled meadow with a variety of birds twittering and calling.  Yet in the next song, the listener is treated to the blowing wind and wolves howling. 

Staying away from the synthesized sound typical in many current CDs, Seiden incorporates flutes, whistles and ocarinas with skill giving the listener a pleasurable hour of listening material.  She is accompanied only by congas and Haitian marimbulas.  This natural combination adds to the flavor of the CD adds to the story told by these instruments and artists. 

If you love flute music (and even if you don’t) this is a CD for you.  It offers an hour of peaceful meditative music for the listener to retreat into.  The overtone of pleasant music has hints of a variety of cultures.  Light a fire in the fireplace, grab a good book and put this CD on for a relaxing and peaceful retreat right in your own home.


~review by: Eileen Troemel

Artist: Jan Seiden

Flute Journey Records, 2008