This new offering from American pianist Elizabeth Naccarato is inspired by the sounds and sights of Italy. This is her sixth album. It captures the essence of being in that fabulous country and la dolce vita.

Naccarato’s album features compositions with other instrumentalists. Her two solo piano pieces are Track 2: Assisi, and Track11:  Venetian Boat Song. “Assisi” reflects the beauty and serenity of this small, ancient town outside of Rome, with its stunning medieval monastery and line of Roman arches that extends across the façade of the hillside. “Venetian Boat Song” is a romantic and lyrical piano ballad. The rippling accompaniment to the melody gives an impression of that watery city.

Other instruments include the violin and other strings, accordion, saxophone, bass and drums. The combo work is clean and flawless.

Track 4: Summer’s End is a slow and sensuous jazzy song. It is reminiscent of a warm summer evening spent on the Piazza Michelangelo overlooking Firenze. Track 6: Serenade is a typical Italian style ballad with a relaxed 3:4 rhythm. Track 8: Tango is a clever piece of music in this popular dance-style. A bouncy accordion accompaniment adds to the exotic flavor.

This album is a great choice for a European stay-cation. If you can’t afford a trip to Italia, the music here gives a satisfying sense of the marvelous ambience of that wonderful country and its fun-loving, hospitable people and their rich culture.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Elizabeth Naccarato
Jarrellscove, 2016
12 tracks, 48 minutes
CD Baby: CD $12.97, download $9.99