Corciolli is a Brazilian composer who has produced several successful albums. This new album continues his tradition of producing wonderful easy-listening music with a variety of instrumental combinations.

The album features fourteen tracks:
1.    Dream of Us
2.    A noite de Meu Bem
3.    Mono No Aware
4.    Dandelion
5.    Melodia Sentimental
6.    Spiral
7.    Infinite Love Song
8.    Solace
9.    Interdemensional
10.    Lacrimae
11.    Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Voce
12.    San Telmo
13.    Eu Sonhei Que Tu Estavas Tao Linda
14.    Tucuma

Corciolli blends traditional orchestral instruments and piano with synthesized backgrounds to create his romantic neo-classical offerings. “A Noite de Meu Bem” features a lovely violin melody. “Mono No Aware” and “Solace” are in the adult contemporary jazz genre. Violin, piano, and a wordless soprano voice take the lead in “Melodia Sentimental”, a song that has roots in the operatic musical idiom.

“Spiral” shifts toward electronica with distinctive world drumming rhythms and synth stylings. “Interdemensional” partakes of the space-ambient genre with otherworldly synth effects providing an accompaniment to wordless vocal tracks. “Lacrimae” features an eastern-style bowed string instrument to give an east-west fusion flavor to the song. “San Telmo” is a Latino-rhythm dance piece with dramatic Gypsy-style fiddling.

No matter what style or genre Corciolli infuses into his compositions, his characteristic style of melody-driven composition shines through the texture.

This album is great for easy-listening, fire-dancing, and for celebrations. Listeners will enjoy the upbeat harmonies and instrumental textures and the variety of stylistic genres incorporated into the songs.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Corciolli
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