Jim Pearce has composed music for over 300 television shows. This is his first new age/neo-classical album; his other albums are in the jazz genre. His influences include the greats of 20th century jazz piano, the Great American Songbook composers (Gershwin, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, etc) and classical music.

The composer describes the songs as “musical stories,” and this fits in well with his background in writing music for television. This album is filled with gentle, feel-good music that’s beautiful and melodic – in other words, neo-classical. Pearce has a lovely touch on the keyboards. The arrangements include some background synth strings and woodwinds that enrich the overall texture.

Track 6: Preludial Moon merits special mention as it is an especially gorgeous melody and arrangement with flute and cello voices interacting with the piano throughout. Track 9: Hymn to Rain is evocative and conveys tenderness. Track 11: Twilight Reverie is an unusual piece with delight bits of counter-point. Track 12: My Heart is Yours is a sonorous serenade.

This is easy-listening music that cherishes the listener. The material is complex but Pearce makes it sound easy, which is a pretty wonderful trick. Recommended for relaxation, healing modalities, and gentle ritual work.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Jim Pearce
16 tracks, 41:32 min
CD $11.99, MP3 9:49