Whether through gentle undertones of theme or blatant lyrics with sweeping arrangements, inspiration for this singer and her musicians permeates their debut CD. When the artist Seay (pronounced “say”) lost a fellow musician and friend to a stroke she channeled her musical energy into a three-year project that would spiritually uplift the listener. Drawing on her travels and studies throughout the world she combined Celtic mysticism, Tibetan chants, canons, and catholic liturgy to create her New Age CD 1 Voice.


In a homily of death and afterlife, Seay runs the listener through the gamut of religious possibilities. In Kyrie the Calling we encounter a classic petition and response to God as traditionally used in Latin Mass. Gothica is a petition for forgiveness that evokes images of dark cathedrals with thick shadows, rows of lit candles, and monstrous reverberating pipe organs. Orion’s Gate leads one to ponder mysticism, immortality, and the stars. Love is the Ocean washes away the vestiges of traditional religion in favor of communion with the elements of Nature. The instrumental Winter soothes the weary spirit by evoking rest and rebirth.


While some of the twelve songs may sound similar to Enya’s A Day Without Rain, this independent recording artist has yet to be discovered by mainstream radio stations. Seay’s music can be heard in regular rotation on Soundscapes (Internet radio), Sirius Horizons, Music Choice, Time Warner, and Dish Network. 1 Voice can be purchased through, CDBaby and Amazon.


~review by Denise Bell

Artist: Seay

Tuscan Sun Music, 2005