Layne has created a new frame drum recording for use by the individual or group. Being In Rhythm is a work with narration for personal transformation rather than a full-on drum session, a nice introduction to basic rhythms and use of the beat for energy work. The first part of there- cording is a clearing of the seven chakras by narration and the second part be­comes a drumming piece for use for further medi­tation or just good listen­ing. Although I felt the pace a touch pushed the first time through, the adjustment to breath­ing in a one, two, three, four count brought my mind to dancing, one, two, three, four. This recording is a good piece for group or solo shamanic journeys and can also be used by al­ternative holistic healers.


~review by Nora Cedarwind

Artist: Layne Redmond

Intenvorld Music, 1997