This new release is promoted as an excellent tantric ac­companiment, but it is also wonderful to listen to alone. I like the swaying and rhythmic sounds of drums, voice and enchant­ment. Zingaia is the result of a special collaboration: gifted instrumentalist/stu­dio shaman Michael Breene with wife Katlyn (known to many as creator of Mermade Magickal Arts and a luminary of the ancient Goddess religions).


Titles include She Beckons, Invocation, Sirens of the Moonlit Tide, Veil of Innana, Ast Usari, Beneath the Veil and Breath of Passion. A nice journey by yourself or with another: enter now a secret cham­ber, warm with candlelight, scented silk and the spiraling smoke of incense. A place of mystery where the Goddess and God join in the Divine Dance. Ancient rhythms draw you in, where the sensu­ous and the sacred, the spirit and the body unite. Awaken the sacred fire: Come Be­neath the Veil.


~review by Nora Cedarwind

Artist:  Zingaia

Sequoia 1998