The prolific David and Steven Gordon enter fresh musical ground on this album. Generally their albums present a combination of Native American drumming, flutes and nature sounds. Here the brothers team up with other Sequoia recording artists to create an East-West fusion.

The songs move upwards from the Muladhara (base) chakhra up to the Sahasrara (crown) chakhra. This distinctive format allows the musicians to explore the energy signatures of each chakhra in a progressive manner. The combinations of instrumental sounds and keys are targeted to awaken and cleanse each chakra. The instrumentation includes synthesizers, harp, nature sounds, chimes, and of course, distinctive drumming. A few vocal tracks are added by the skillfully mesmerizing Sophia and the plaintive Jennifer Grais. There are subtle background chants in other tracks, yet the bulk of the songs are instrumental.

Chakra Healing Zone opens with an introductory track “Transformation/Return” and ends with “Transcendence/Kundalini Rising,” musical bookends to the songs named for the seven chakras (total of 9 tracks). The music is therapeutic and inspirational yet a bit on the weird and melancholy side. The music is not so much likeable as it is compelling, and the gathered musicians create a unique East-West blend that leans a bit more to the West because of the distinctive Native American flute, drums and rattles that underpin the melodic and harmonic material.

Since it is atypical of the usual Gordon brothers fare, this CD merits special notice. Listeners will return to this CD many times, as its appeal works on a different level from most New Age recordings. Recommended for yoga, rituals and meditation; for those performing Reiki or other healing modalities, this is a useful CD for inspiration or client work.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artists: David & Steven Gordon
Sequoia Records, July 2006
60 minutes. $11.95