This is the second album by Brainscapes and Alain Eskinasi and the music created is intended to stimulate creativity and the emotional realm. The musical atmosphere is created with synthesizer, vocals, crystal bowls, clay drums, medicine drums and djembe.

Composed to explore each of the seven chakras, each track is written on an ascending scale with the chakhras:
Track 1: Earth Link – root chakra, C scale, red, grounding, earth
Track 2: Give-A –Way – navel chakra, D scale, orange, emotion, passion
Track 3: Sunset/Moonrise – solar plexus chakra, E scale, yellow, willpower
Track 4: Anahata – heart chakra, F scale, green, love
Track 5: Vishudda – throat chakra, G scale, sky blue, communication
Track 6: Sound of Light – third eye chakra, A scale, indigo, sound, vision
Track 7: Crystaline – crown chakra, B scale, violet, spirit, higher self
Track 8: A Voice Inside – throat and root chakras, G scale, red, blue (bonus track)

“Sunset/Moonrise” is a haunting blend of rhythms and otherworldly vocals with an upbeat rhythm. “Anahata” floats with space-age synths, gongs, and chirping flute bits. “Vishudda” is a glorious paean of bells and chimes. The ascending scales are a subtle but powerful means of making the music seem to rise through the recording. The instrumental, harmonic and rhythmic blends are controlled and subtle. The brain awaits the next melodic riff, chord combination, or rhythmic idea, because the music isn’t blatantly predictable.

This CD is a complex and gorgeous entry in the New Age category. Recommended for all purposes as suitable background and meditation music, and for those involved in creative endeavors who enjoy working while listening to music.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artists: Brainscapes featuring Alain Eskinasi
CyberOctave Music, 1997
58:26 minutes, $11.99