Here’s a fine collection of laid-back music suitable for relaxing, meditation and rituals. The instrumentation includes keyboards, piano, Native flutes, bells, crystal bowls, chimes, and nature sounds. Guest artist Peter Schimke, a classical and jazz pianist, enhances the songs with his thoughtful piano melodies.

The CD opens with “Dreaming.” This song sets the pace for the entire collection of songs. A soft, sustained chord progression on from the synthesizer is the foundation for a dreamy piano melody. Track 2 “Equinox” begins with a singing bowl and a haunting call on the Native American flute. A piano melody enters at a relaxed, stately pace. Further tracks include “Soaring,” “Sound and Light,” “Ocean,” “Native Dreamer,” “Soul Searching,” “Inner Meditation,” and “Harvest” for a total of 9 tracks.

The music is light, languid, and dreamy throughout. The melodic material and chordal progressions are complex enough to keep it from becoming stale or dull, but are never intrusive or jarring. The delicate ambiance of the album is sustained throughout the songs. This is a lovely CD for any type of spiritual practice, healing work, or yoga.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Soulfood
Soulfood Ltd, 2002
60 minutes, $15.48