Check out this offering from Norwegian musicians: vocalist Halonen and new age music keyboardist Syversen!

Syversen has produced over a dozen albums for relaxation, rejuvenation, healing, and well-being. This album features his collaboration with Runar Halonen, a sound-healer.

The CD’s format is simple: three tracks entitled “Voices in Heaven”, “Voices for Mother Earth”, and “Voice of Dreams”.  The music was created intuitively, without a set or practiced format, through channeling. The musicians entered a state of contemplation and intention, and simply created the music together. Halonen is a reflexologist and an approved MNHA Healer, and has “an in-born ability to convey universal energy.” He uses his voice’s pitch and tone to create unique frequencies to reach specific areas of body and mind, and can “see” where the sound is working on a client or group.

Each song features Syversen playing space-ambient synth music as accompaniment to Halonen’s wordless singing. His voice is an instrument that soars over the music, sometimes as a drone, sometimes in more melodic ways. The music includes soft rhythmic pulses that keep the energy flowing. The keyboard’s accompaniment harmonies were improvised along with the singing. The mix includes strings and some organ-like sounds, which conveys a spiritual (but not necessarily religious) context. The layers of accompaniment float in and out of traditional modes and tonalities. 

This is a truly remarkable album. The sound reaches into places the listener didn’t know were hurt and nudges it toward healing. The best results come from playing the album on a powerful, high-fidelity sound system; a small boom-box doesn’t convey this effect nearly as well. The music promotes inner balance and healing processes. It is clean and elegant ambient music, and listening to Halonen’s voice is an extraordinary experience.

Highly recommended for use with all healing modalities, meditation, contemplation, and relaxation techniques. Incorporate this music into ritual work. It would be especially effective when creating a Cone of Power, or any other earth-sky conduit with a coven. Very beautiful and wholesome, wholeness-making music.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artists: Runar Halonen and Tron Syversen
TK Music Production, 2014
$8.99 download, $14.95 CD