Keyboard maestro Uwe Gronau presents listeners and fans with a new CD featuring sizzling hot keyboard tracks. Gronau digs deep into his prog rock background to create new sounds featuring a mini moog voyager, virus keyboards, and a Hammond B3. These classic boards produce solid leads and sounds accompanied by sax, guitar, and various percussion.

The texture provided by the classic synthesizer-boards is reminiscent of classic Yes, Weather Report, and Joe Satriani albums while offering an updated aesthetic featuring these distinctive keyboard sounds. Gronau returns to his roots and finds something new and attractive there.

Track 2: Prophecy presents a highly rock-influenced texture with a fine guitar lead and a sharp drum rhythm. Track 5: Carpe Diem leans more toward a jazz fusion sound with a fun, funky drum track. Track 7: Diving into the Deep (one of my favorites) steers toward the melancholy wail of a Robin Trower ballad. Track 10: Two Worlds unites influences from the east and west as it bounces back and forth between the two hemispheres in a musical dialog.

Paradise Painting is a great album for cruising and for chill-axing, especially for the person who’s in the mood for something meatier than soft, squishy New Age music. This represents a substantial new production by Gronau and solidifies his presence in the exciting post-industrial prog-rock/fusion genre. Kudos!

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artist: Uwe Gronau
Uwe Gronau 2016
13 tracks, 53 minutes
CD Baby: CD #12.95, download $9.99

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