Join hands with the fool and take a leap of faith into a new and insightful way of seeing the Tarot. Within this book, the seeker will find innovative interpretations of the cards. Learn how the cards synchronize from astrology and numerology to create a deeply personalized way to use Tarot.

Astrology is integrated into Ms. Wall's interpretations and, the seeker can use these astrological observations to provide deeper meaning to one's chart. Further, numerology becomes the connective tissue between the major and minor arcana; especially with the court cards. One of the connections I had never considered was that all court cards have a corresponding card or cards relative to the Major Arcana. For example, knights are a combination of the Hanged Man (12) and The Empress (3). Through this combination, the reader can see other layers of interpretations regarding each knight. 

Other layers of the majors are found in breaking down the card's numbers. For example, the author mentions the Devil Card, which breaks down from its number 15,  to 1+5=6, which falls on the Lovers. Of course, there is danger to overthinking it all--of which I am often guilty--but if done correctly, all of this gives the reading greater depth.

I love how the author dives deeply into each court card. Court cards are often the most difficult to interpret, especially if we interpret them for ourselves. Ms. Wall's exploration of the court cards is easy to understand and connects the seeker with a profound spiritual understanding, especially when coupled with journaling and meditation. 

Brilliantly written, easy to understand and highly detailed with spreads, interpretations and open ended journal prompts that can be used repeatedly; the seeker will find an epiphany in each card.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Author: Meg Jones Wall
Red Wheel/Weiser, 2023
p. $18.95, pp. 286