The Radiant Tarot is a 78 card deck and book that comes in a beautifully made heirloom box.  The box is sturdy, laminated and opens like a book. A 208 page saddle bound guide book accompanies the deck.

The cards are gorgeous. They are printed on high quality paper with a matte finish. The pictures are done in soft transparent colors, and the symbology is dream like and easily decipherable with symbology that hearkens back to the works of Carl Jung and William Blake.

Some of the cards are anthropomorphic, such as the Hierophant, who is depicted as a crow with a human body. Others are purely symbolic, such as Justice which portrays a set of scales standing on a table; with a heart in one part of the scales and a feather on the other. There are cards where people are also depicted, such as The Magician, and the Fool.

The book is everything I could want in a guidebook. The cards are geared toward creativity and the book explains in exquisite detail everything the seeker needs to know about each card. I love how the four suits are geared toward all things creative. Cups are for imagination, Wands are for creating, Swords are for shaping and Pentacles are for manifesting. But most of all, the cards are great for advising and assisting with creative projects.

The book is packed full of information; worthy of deep study and contemplation. Each page is exquisitely laid out in a way that makes my Virgo heart happy. For example, The Chariot page depicts a beautifully rendered picture of an anthropomorphic lion riding an elephant. The sections of the page begin with a keyword, a small poetic explanation, description, musing, creative practice and astrological symbology for the card. Keep a dream journal handy as these cards stimulate the dream world.

This is an outstanding addition to any seeker's Tarot collection, and an excellent tool for creatives everywhere.

~review by Patricia Snodgrass

Creators: Alexandra Eldridge and Tony Barnstone
Weiser Books, 2021
p. $35.42, pp. 181