A late-year gift, Tarot Life Lessons is a joy of a book!

Gordon-Bramer is a professional tarot reader with keen insight and deep compassion; the book is filled with real-world examples and her personal experiences. It's like being able to check in with a master chef while making your dinner. Each chapter focuses on one of the 22 major arcana, “My tarot cards became a life decoder and a compass to navigate  and reduce the chance of bad luck. (pg 11)”

I'm currently doing a year-long working with the Star, and her stories about that card discuss when she worked at a renaissance festival with her son. Her clients included a young couple, a man who aspired to be a recording artist. and another a skeptic. To the latter she said, “Tarot is about showing you where your energy is going. It gives you tools to understand yourself and guidance to make the changes you want. (p. 167)” Each chapter includes a highlighted section, a special TIP (her caps). For the Star she addresses the question “Is Tarot Evil?” 
"Tarot does not call spirits, good or evil, into play. . . The idea behind the tarot is that we all have access to that knowledge and power because we are all one, of one spirit (which I call God). . . As a reminder, what the tarot shows us about the future is not fixed. We always have the power to change our path through the decisions that we make. (p. 169)"

Not exactly for beginners, but easily accessible to them, experienced readers will enjoy the stories -- often nodding their heads in agreement with Gordon-Bramer's insights. Through her experiences we come to see -- once again -- that Tarot is much more than a gimmick, or game. Used with a clear mind and intuition the cards can reveal what has happened, what’s going on now, and what may be influencing your future.

~review by Lisa McSherry

Author: Julia Gordon-Bramer
Destiny Books, 2023
pp. 224, $19.99