A major downside to worshiping alone, or with an eclectic (i.e., non-lineaged, traditional) group is that the next steps can be very hard to see. If you’ve done the work, grown in the God/dess and are living the spiritual life you’ve always wanted then I say to you: enjoy your contentment! If you know you can grow further and that there is still more to assimilate, The Second Circle is just what you want to reach for.

There are several ‘advanced’ books for pagans, and most of them are useless or mediocre,* falling into the trap of telling us what an advanced practitioner must know rather than honoring our own process of thinking for ourselves.. As a result, most of us look outside of our community for information we can use – gleaning new directions from the fields of psychology, physics, and even other religions.  In response to this need, Ms. Rauls spent many years crafting her offering an d has given to us a wonderful gift.

No guide book can be everything to every pagan, but The Second Circle manages to given consistently useful direction as to where to go to discover the answer for oneself.

* Greycat’s “Deepening Witchcraft” is one I can whole-heartedly recommend.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Venecia Rauls

Citadel Press, 2004

pp. 238, $12.95