As with any evolving community, the books for advanced practitioners come a long time after the need is felt. Never mind the decision that one is qualified to write an advanced book – do you realize how long it takes to set 100,000 words down, coherently? So it is no surprise that there is a dearth of books for advanced pagans right now. Fortunately I think we’re standing on the cusp of the change with books like Ms. Polson’s The Veil’s Edge providing a welcome harbinger of change.

My only critique is that I wish it went further -- twice as long and covering two or three times as many topics. Sweat lodges, astral portals, and god-hosting are great, but what about interacting with non-deity spirits, healing, and creating magickal objects? Most of those topics were mentioned in passing but could easily have gotten their own chapters, and these are just examples. An additional second-to-last chapter talking about further boundaries for the experienced and enterprising magician to push and expand would have been very welcome.

But please don’t let my greediness get in the way of you running out to buy this book – I’m not criticizing, I’m offering ideas for Ms. Polson’s next book.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Author:  Willow Polson

Citadel Press, 2003

pp. $14.95