Denny Sargent has written a users manual, designed to take the reader through the steps of contacting their Guardian Angel, and if desired, deepening the working relationship and ultimately merging with your Guardian Angel. Sargent states “The goal of this book, first and foremost, is to simply tell you this: “You can make an internal connection to a spiritual being who exists solely to help you find your way, your path, your plan, your true will…It is in fact a spark of God.” Although the term ‘God’ is used, the introduction invites readers to substitute their own word, whether it’s goddess, higher self or universal power. Similarly, readers may freely substitute for the term Guardian Angel.


The book is divided into three sections, Meeting Your Guardian Angel, which includes a brief overview of the history of guardian angels, or their equivalents from other cultures, Deepening Your Connection, and finally, Merging With Your Guardian Angel. Each chapter has a variety of exercises designed to open the communication between you and your angel. Some are meditations and visualization, others are more “hands on” such as chanting, writing letters to your angel, or listing goals that you would like your angel to assist you in achieving.


In the final third of the book, Sargent has included an in-depth ritual for merging with your Guardian Angel. Referencing Abramelin the Mage, and “various mystical orders like the Order of the Golden Dawn” as sources for this rite, I felt this section made contacting one’s Angel overly complicated. However, for someone who’s seeking a step-by-step method, this book is a very good, and detailed, choice.


I enjoyed the first two-thirds of this book very much, but feel that readers with an interest in Mystery Schools and their rituals will have a deeper appreciation of the third section than I did.


~review by Karen Phillippi

Author: Denny Sargent

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC, 2004

pp. 162, $16.95