Most households have at least one animal companion. If you are reading this book, Animal Soul Contracts, chances are you have a beloved companion or companions in your life. Author Tammy Billups explores the sacred relationship we have with animals. Many people feel a deeper connection with their animals such as a soul connection. This book explores this fascinating subject.

The author explains that before we are born we commit to soul contracts. This links us to other people as well as animals. These contracts are outlined to help us achieve what we need to learn in this lifetime and how we experience these lessons. Connections are made in the afterlife with animal companions and sometimes are repeated in the same human lifetime. The author goes on to say that sometimes we feel as though one of our animal companions has come back to us again. The stories and shared experiences in the book demonstrate that connection.

It is very hard to say goodbye to our animal companions, but we can find comfort in knowing we will continue to stay connected in spirit and sometimes reconnect again on the earth plane again. This book has me in tears several times. I have felt the deep soul bond connection and had a very rough time when I had to say goodbye. Seeing similar experiences from others gave me hope and assured me that I am still connected with some of my past companions. I honestly wasn’t expecting some self healing in this area as I was reading this book for review. I was pleasantly surprised and do feel things happen for a reason.

Whether you are wanting to experience and better understand your soul connection with your animal or help heal from the past, I highly recommend this book. Many of us have felt the magic of unconditional love but now you can better understand the spiritual connection as well!
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Tammy Billups
Bear & Company, 2020
pp. 192, $14.99