Humans and animals have created incredible bonds since early man. One such relationship is the one humans share with horses. The powerful spirit of horse has captured our fascination and can be an amazing guide to work with.

In Horse Magick, the author explains that you do not need to have physical contact with this animal to work with horse spirit. There is a variety of ways to work with horse magick and the multitude of horses that is covered in the book. The reader can read the book cover to back or can skip to the chapter of the type of horse they wish to work with. The book contains easy to perform spells for your desired intentions.

Each chapter has information on the type of horse, such as the ancient horse, the winged horse, the lunar horse and many more. Following the history and background of each type has a meditation or spell that the reader can perform to connect with that type of horse energy. The author provides what you will need as well as instructions that no matter what level of magick practioner, anyone can follow.

The book includes a chapter of Equine Dreams. Here the reader can interpret the symbolism and meaning behind the horse dreams with the mini dictionary. This section alone is a valuable resource to have on your bookshelf to refer back to again and again.

I really enjoyed the book. I have always had a deep fascination and connection with horses since I was a child. For anyone wanting to work with horse magick and deepen their spiritual connection with the Equine spirit, I recommend checking out this book.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Lawren Leo with Domenic Leo, PhD
Weiser Books, 2020
pp. 208, $15.95