This is a CD by Leeds and Spector specifically designed to soothe elderly dogs. Comparing it to Vol 3 of “Through a Dog’s Ear: Music to Calm Your Canine Companion”, the music on this CD is even quieter and less demanding of the listener. Think “classical rest-home elevator music for anxiety-prone old dogs”! (In a good way, though).

Music therapy is a safe, gentle alternative to drugs or other methods that might have side-effects. I requested a review copy in anticipation of an elderly min-pin, Lucy, coming to live with me. It was a tough trial to pass. She was extremely distressed after a week of chaotic house packing and a long, traumatic moving day. Now my “test subject” is sitting on her doggie bed at my feet, curled up in her blanket on her cozy doggie bed, totally chillaxin’. The cats are coping pretty well, too.

This music has effectively defused a lot of trauma and introductory stress.

The classical music on this album includes:
Sonata in A Major (Andante) - Schubert
Chanson Triste – Tchaikovsky
Serenade – Chaminade
Child Sleeping from Kinderszenen – Schumann
Traumerei – Schumann
Scherzo in E – Piu Lento – Chopin
Waltz in A Flat – Brahms
Prelude in C Major – Bach
Serenade – Schubert
Sarabande – Debussy
Waltz – Brahms
Melody – Massenent
Gymnopedie No. 1 - Satie

This CD would get Lucy’s seal of approval if she were awake to give it. I’ll be playing this over and over again for the next several days while my furry friends are getting acquainted and adapting to each other. Bravo! Send the nice piano lady a dozen roses.

~review by Elizabeth Hazel

Artists: Joshua Leeds and Lisa Spector
The Dog Studio 2010 (Sounds True)
61 minutes
CD and booklet, $10.02