The cover of the 26th edition of this best-selling date book features a dark-skinned Goddess climbing out of a dark cleft, leading women through with a saucy, daring look on her face. Dedicated to women who are On Purpose (plunging into chaos to bring relief and sustenance in the face of overwhelming odds), all of your favorite features are here for your pleasure. Last year, the women of Mother Tongue Ink added color throughout the date book to celebrate a quarter-century of production. Apparently it was a great success, because color is back again – and this reviewer is very pleased with the effect!

Year after year, the women of Mother Tongue Ink produce a quality publication highlighting some of the most beloved artists (both visual and textual) of the Goddess movement. Printed on heavy recycled paper, in soy-based ink, the We’Moon ’07 is a great resource for planning many aspects of your life. Astrological information (based on Pacific time), daily moon cycle information and alternate languages for the days of the week are only the beginning (I have no idea what language it is, but Tuesday is known as Atichaw, for example). Small poems like perfect gems nestle alongside images in a variety of mediums and modes – all celebrating women and their work or them selves. Short essays provide a glimpse into another woman’s perspective: on a farm, lauding women’s work, living a rich life.

But the astrological/astronomical data is one of the best practical things about the date book. For example, as the sun moves through each of the signs of the zodiac, we are treated to a ‘year at a glance’ perspective from Gretchen Lawlor (a professional astrologer for more than 35 years). The book begins with well-thought out sections on sun and moon sign data and transits, mars through the signs, mercury retrograde data, Chinese zodiac information (2007 is the year of the Pig), and an overview of 2007 from an astrological perspective. At the back of the book, before the many blank pages for notes – a blessing! – there are pages of lunar cycles by month. I find these especially useful for noting cyclical data (like my moon flow cycle) rather than practical information (like the doctor’s appointment).

The wall calendar, which has the same theme, is not nearly as overflowing with information. Made to hang on the wall, it features easily seen moon cycle data and daily astrological information. And gorgeous artwork! Some of the images in their greeting cards (see the accompanying review) are displayed in the calendar, and all of the images are striking. Powerful pieces of writing, in little doses, fill in the nooks of the days. The language is never shallow, it is always the correct thought to have at that moment, in that time. My favorite is from January:

I charge you
To open your mind to possibility
To magic, and to mystery…
You are the harmony of the Universe
Inspired with every breath.
~ Gail Wood

A perfect thought to carry with you through the new year. The images are a joyous celebration in bold colors and I can’t wait to hang it up on my kitchen wall when the time comes.

The date book and calendar make wonderful gifts for nearly every woman on your list and I join many others in highly recommending this wonderful resource for our community.

~review by Lisa Mc Sherry

Creators: Mother Tongue Ink