This is a woman's guide for every year of her life from birth to age ninety and be­yond, with references to planetary influ­ences, finding our life's mission, and ritu­als for each decade of our life.


In the introduction, the authors delve into the exploration of human experience and pose these questions to the reader about their life experiences: "What will we do with these years?" "What challenges will we face, and how can we deal with them?" "What is our destiny?" The authors introduce us to the prin­ciples of cause and effect, chance and destiny, and divine flow. They show us that the many experiences we have had throughout our life-walk are more than just obscure situations that we move through, but have, in many ways, been written in the Book of Life since the day we were born.


There is a pattern to our human exist­ence, and those who are able to read these patterns are able to move with the ebb and flow of those energies that guide our lives, moving us throughout the vari­ous stages of our human endeavors. At last we have a roadmap that allows us to recognize (hose signposts that will guide us through life, allowing us to understand it in a deeper and much more meaningful way. Such a wondrous gift the authors have given to we who seek to understand the reasons behind the various situations of our lives and those situations that are likely yet to arise! Such understandings can only lead to inner healing, greater self-understanding, and aid us in the realiza­tion of our fullest potentials.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Authors: Z. Budapest & Diana L. Paxson

Conari Press, 2003

pp. 239, $ 17.95