For years I have been searching for a good, easy to understand astrology book. In the process, I have found several fairly good books, along with many that were not so good, but I just could not seem to locate one that was just right. Finally, I have found what I have been searching for! Llewellyn’s New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Interpreter is exactly what I needed. 


Llewellyn George’s classic text has been revised and expanded resulting in the creation of the one astrology book no bookshelf should be without. Over one hundred pages of new information have been added, along with an excellent study guide. The publishers have even included a free birth chart offer to help you get started with your studies. 


The book is divided into four sections: Basic Principles of Astrology, Interpreting Horoscopes, Advanced Techniques, and Contemporary Developments in Astrology. It is all organized in way that is very easy to use, and the entire book is full of excellent figures and tables.


This is by far the best astrology book I have found. Not only is it comprehensive, but all of the concepts are explained very clearly, something that I find many astrology books to be lacking. This would be an excellent textbook for those new to astrology as well as a well-designed reference book for the more advanced. I highly recommend it.

~review by Jennifer Erwin
Authors: Llewellyn George, Stephanie Jean Clement, and Marylee Bytheriver
Llewellyn, 2003
pp. 466, $19.95