Ffiona Morgan, creator of the Daughters of the Moon Tarot, has created long Goddess correspondences for each sign and planet in Mysteries of the Goddess. No patriarchal Mars for her, but the Celtic warrior goddess Boudicea instead (along with a list of other fiery, energizing, power­ful goddesses). Her approach to astrology, like her ap­proach to the Tarot, is woman-centered and dedicated to eradicating the patriarchal bias in traditional astrology. She includes affirmations and meditations for each sign, along with a personal story that illustrates how a certain sign's qualities manifest in her own or a friend's life. I found her descriptions of the monthly moon transits to be quite helpful ("Many wimmin have a good cry when the Moon is in Pisces, washing away troubles. Or you can be the com­passionate friend fora sister who needs toshare her troubles. We cry during a Pisces Moon because it's the most watery of all signs. Pisces Moon brings a re­treat into the self...") I'm also quite intrigued by Ffiona's designs for as­trological healing crystals, which you would wear during difficult transits or when you need qualities that are lacking in your natal chart.


Besides the material on astrology, Mysteries of the Goddess briefly covers the Daughters of the Moon Tarot and the healing arts. A companion book, Goddess Spirituality Book, is a guide to rituals, holidays and lunar magic in the Feminist Dianic tradition.


~review by Joanna Colbert

Author: Ffiona Morgan

Daughters of the Moon Publishing 1995

pp. 179, $13.00 (previously published in 1991 as Wild Witches Don't Get the Blues)