Debbie Burns has written a fun, easy to read book designed to give you some insight into your co-worker’s behavior based on their astrological sign. By identifying strengths and weaknesses of your coworkers (and yourself), you can facilitate understanding and avoid confrontation in the workplace.


This book has bright, fun graphics and each chapter has an overview of the Sun sign’s elements, polarity, and quality and planet characteristics. It gives a brief, practical description of what each polarity, quality and planet mean. There is information on the way each Sign influences the communication styles of people born under those signs and she devotes time to identifying particular management styles for bosses born under the signs.


Now, what really was different and handy about this book is the comparisons of each signs’ compatibility with the rest of the zodiac signs. In each Sun sign chapter, you can see how that sign would work with the remaining signs. For example: A Scorpio working with a Scorpio is deemed “Innovative” because together they could make pioneering advances. A Scorpio working with an Aries would be an “alienating” relationship, with each sign working to undermine the other’s success.


Ok, I decided to put it to the test at my office. I was prepared for some lukewarm results, or to accept generalizations, but I was surprised to see that 4 of the 5 were pretty much on target. Not everything was true of each of them but more than I expected. It was very interesting to put the dynamics of my office through the compatibility lists of this book, too. Will it stop me from being frustrated with some co-workers? No, probably not, but this is a fun book that goes into a little more depth about astrology than just sun signs.


~review by Karen Phillippi

Author: Debbie Burns

Red Wheel/Weiser Inc., 2003

pp. 79, $12.00