Sun Signs in Love is a light, cheerful read about getting along with everyone, not just a few selected signs. This is a great book for someone just getting started in astrology and/or is curious about getting along with a boyfriend or girlfriend. The author tells you how to interact with all the signs. In the introduction, she lays the groundwork by jumping  right into aspects, elements and modalities to explain how synastry works.

Don't freak out yet. Synastry is simply the comparison of two charts's planets to show compatibility. The elements are fire, earth, air and water which make up the 12 zodiac signs along with one of the modes The modes are cardinal, fixed and mutable. It's the only sign that is both fire and cardinal. Each sign has an element and a mode and no two are alike. As an example, Aries is fire and cardinal. To really confuse you she could have called them triplicities (elements) and quadruplicities (modes)  Aren't you glad you don't have to pronounce them?

This author made a fan out of me when she crafted it as a tribute to Linda Goodman For those of you who may not know Linda Goodman. she has since crossed over but several decades ago she wrote a wonderful, and huge, book called Love Signs and it told you EVERYTHING you wanted or needed to know about the behavior. attitude and actions of each sign and through different stages of life. As a child, a spouse, a boss, etc. It was positively thorough. And positively enjoyable. I felt more than one astrologer did her a disservice by criticizing that she wrote the book on sun signs alone which was inadequate because a chart has more than just a sun sign. But when you had finished Goodman's book, you knew those sun signs inside and out. You understood why certain signs acted a certain way .And knowing that is the start of every chart. It sets your astrological knowledge. It's the basics. After all, you can't multiply or divide until you can add and subtract. Sun Signs in Love will give you that same basic core of learning.

Get ready to thoroughly learn how to get along with anyone you may think of dating or even marrying; this book is not hetero-normative, nor does it focus on male-female pairings. A unique perspective is when the author explains how the two of you will relate to each other if your signs are conjunct, sextile, square. trine or opposite. She even includes semi-sextile, something no one else has done. She'll walk you through a relationship with your sign and each of the other 11 signs. A thorough explanation and description

There will be advice on day-to-day living, what to expect in the bedroom, even how to act to bring on a break up.To go several steps further, each sign has an affinity with a color, a crystal, a deity, a flower, a fragrance, a jewel, an animal, food and herbs, a body part, and its own mantra. You don't get much more thorough than that.

This book is one you'll refer to again and again as you gain insight on all the other signs and the exciting possibilities of dating them.

~review by Judy Blackstone

Author: Desiree Roby Antilla
Llewellyn. 2022
pp.259, $19.99