She is well known in the world of practioners of the magic world. If you visit New Orleans, you will hear and see much history and stories about her. She is the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Madame Marie Laveau. She is featured in films, shows, books and more. Tours are given to visit the fascinating priestess Laveau’s gravesite in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 (the oldest cemetery in the city) as well as hear tales of her life in New Orleans. 

The Magic of Marie Laveau takes the reader on a journey to who this strong and amazing woman was. The history and background is well researched and gives us a better understanding of the world she lived in during this time. The first part of the book is getting to know the Voodoo Queen’s history and her world. In Part Two, author Denise Alvarado explains how to become a devotee with developing a respectful servitude, creating an altar of devotion, as well as petitioning Marie Laveau. I like how the author tells the reader to act as if she were a living, breathing human and how you would behave and present yourself to her. Working with respect to develop a relationship with her in a spiritual way should be the same as on Earth. Some followers see her as a saint, others as an elevated ancestor. This is a great example of how we should behave when working with this realm. The book offers great ideas on what the reader can use on the altar. Each altar is unique and personal but sometimes it is difficult to know where to begin. It explains the types of altars typically used depending on your resources and how big your sacred space is.

The next section goes into how to formally introduce yourself, build the relationship and allow time before you ask for her help or assistance. Once the proper time has passed, the author gives some examples of prayers that can be used. Part Three of the book explores the practice of Hoodoo, Conjure and rootwork. While this isn’t an extensive spellbook, there are several spells and rituals in this section to use as well as how to use the tools. I would still recommend the reader read the previous sections before jumping in to the spellwork.

I have seen many books on the market for this subject but The Magic of Marie Laveau is my new favorite. The author was born and raised in New Orleans and speaks from the heart. The book is well researched and well-focused. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to know more about the legacy of the Voodoo Queen, Madame Marie Laveau.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Denise Alvarado
Weiser Books, 2020
pp. 224, $16.95