I had originally had this book on pre-order before its release. I ended up receiving a copy when I saw him in person on his Coffey Talk Tour. I’m a fan of Chip Coffey and first saw him appear on Paranormal State. I later enjoyed watching his own show Psychic Kids. What I like most about Chip are his down to earth style and straightforward and honest approach. His Coffey Talk tour was a lot of fun and full of insight to his background as well as some of the behind the scenes of the kids from his show. If you get the chance to see him live, he’s very down to earth and funny.

Growing Up Psychic captures it the same friendly tone. My favorite was his personal biography section. However, the parts about telling if your child might be psychic were fascinating as well. I was intrigued as my youngest daughter started telling us about talking with her ‘Uncle Mark’ when she was about 1 ½ years old. She relayed stories and messages that she could not have known and said things in a way she wouldn’t have expressed herself. These personal experiences we had with my youngest daughter were moving and affirming and matched with many of the elements Chip expressed in his book.

I also really liked hearing some of the backstories and behind the scenes from the kids that appeared on his show. Most of it you will hear if you see him live but for those who cannot the book has the stories. He keeps in contact even today with many of them.

So the book is great for fans of Chip, fans of Psychic Kids, or anyone who is curious about their own children and possibly psychic abilities and experiences. Definitely a recommended read!

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Chip Coffey
Harmony, 2012
pp. 256, $15