Shine On is an incredible tale of one man’s NDE, or Near Death Experience, and how it changes his life forever. The author David Ditchfield was dragged under a train in a freak accident in 2006. After his NDE, he discovered new abilities such as composing music (which he cannot read or write music) and painting detailed images of what he saw and experienced on the other side.

The author describes the time leading up to the accident and what he saw after. The book is well written like you are experiencing everything the character sees and hears. While the story sounds like fiction, it is a real account of what happened.
He recalls the details of having being injured after dragged under the train and being at the hospital. At one point that world fades and he wakes in a colorful and calm place with beings who assure him he is safe and loved. He finds his body is whole and uninjured. This location feels peaceful and he wants to stay forever in this perfect place even if it means he is dead. What he sees next is incredible. A rotating tunnel of color and light that feels of pure and unconditional love is seen. He then describes what he saw when he looked over the side of the table he was on. He could see a cascading waterfall of galaxies, entire universes, whole dimensions. He says that the love he feels is coming from the light itself. Then all of a sudden he was thrust back to his hospital room.

The author then explains he feels he was sent back to share his experiences and show people what the other world is like. He feels he must paint what he has seen. He is able to paint images beyond the artistic ability he had prior. These painting can be viewed on his website at

The author continues his journey and we find out he also composes music. He has never been able to read or write a single not of music notation and yet he composes classical symphonies. (These musical compositions can also be heard on the website).
David’s NDE or Near Death Experience, story is incredible and full of hope. He gives the reader a clear view of what may await us all on the other side. This is a beautiful book and recommended for anyone curious about or experienced a near death experience themselves.
~review by Amber Barnes

Author: David Ditchfield and J.S. Jones, PhD
O-Books, 2020
pp. 280, $21.95