Baldr's Magic; The Power of Norse Shamanism and Ecstatic Trance by Nicholas E Brink, Ph. D. is an extremely unique book.  Filled with well sourced anthropological, archaeological and historical information Brink gives us not only simply good and interesting information but a very unique viewpoint on Norse mythology, the deities thereof and meditative trances.

There really are two sections to this book.  The first half includes the actual information which includes statues showing physical poses with instructions on how to use these poses to achieve a trance state.  This section also includes information on the author's worldview which he backs up with anthropological information as well as personal experiences in trance states.  The second half however is what Brink calls "The Lost Eddas of the Vanir."  This is entirely comprised of stories from the author's trance states.  This section, while interesting is solely the author's personal experience.

All in all, I'm on the fence with this book.  The actual information included about the postures and entering trance and/or meditative states is valuable and extremely useful.  However, the book is full of far more personal stories from Brink's journeys into trance rather than information.  For most of the book I felt as if I were reading a meditation journal.  For this reason and this reason only I say to give it a good think before you get this one. 

~review by Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Nicholas E. Brink, Ph. D.
Bear & Company; 2014
306ppg.; $18.00