In the latest Earth Spirit Series, Belonging to the Earth, the author explores nature spirituality.

The book covers: Indigenous Cultures, Doing Better, Arriving Well Today, In This Together, The Elder Trees, We Belong to the Earth, The Land Speaks, Rituals of the Earth, The Earth Gorsedd, The Dam and the Gully, Layering the Wheel of the Year, Orality and Mnemonics, Dancing the Earth, The Power of the Circle, Garden Life and Living Earth Wisdom.

The book is a collection of stories, rituals, and exerts from activists those who follow nature spirituality. The focus is on rekindling the relationship between humans and nature. The author provides her own stories of how she felt the connection to the Earth and nature. She tells of her experiences with the Australian Aboriginal culture as well as modern Druidry.

While the book is focused on Australia, there are many things that can be done no matter where the reader lives. The ideals and stories center on how the reader can ‘Do Better’ and make conscious efforts to Save our Earth.

The book does provide a few rituals that can be adapted to where the reader resides. These are written in an easy to follow style to help reconnect the relationships with the land.  
The majority of the book centers around the author’s experiences while living in Australia and I personally found this fascinating. It’s a short read but well worth joining on the author’s journey.

I recommend adding this book to your Earth Spirit Series especially for those whom are concerned with climate change and how we can work better to save the planet.

~review by Amber Barnes

Author: Julie Brett
Moon Books, 2022
pp. 104, $10.95