Body Reading, by Sasha Fenton, part of the Plain and Simple series by Red Wheel Weiser, really is plain and simple.  In it's few pages Fenton takes the reader through several body parts, such as hair, nails or nose, and sheds light on what different physical traits can mean about the person's personality.  Free of fluff you can really tell that Fenton put in plenty of time and research; Body Reading is clearly organized and written so that anyone of any educational background can understand the information included.

Organized into 11 chapters, Fenton includes not only the hair nails and nose, but also the feet, astrology, body language and even differences between Western and Eastern interpretations on some of these things.  Inside the chapters are well organized and bullet pointed sections with very helpful illustrations to aid the reader with visual cues.  For example in the chapter on hands, there are illustrations showing where the lines on the hands are most commonly found as well as what they're called. 

Additionally there is a little introduction that, short as it is, is really helpful in explaining how Body Reading came to be as well as clearly expressing that while this is a science, of sorts, there are many interpretations and if your experience is different, to go with what you know. 

All in all I must recommend this book.  Fenton does a lovely and clear job of explaining the concepts included in their book and allows for it to be interpreted by anyone of any background. 

~Review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Author: Sasha Fenton
140ppg; $14.95
2016; Red Wheel Weiser