Judy Hall's latest crystals/gemstones book has arrived at a most appropriate time. Like the previous volumes, 1 - 7, this one doesn't disappoint., It's brimming with a wealth of information on how to increase your wealth and well-being. And a vital explanation of why prosperity isn't necessarily money. There's a guide to finding who you really are and what you value using thought-provoking questions. And ways to release the blocks to your prosperity.

One of these days those stimulus checks are going to come to an end and if you haven't returned to work you're going to need some strategies to generate prosperity, luck and income. You can't just wait for it to drop into your lap or for Santa to put it into your stocking. Crystals are like the planet Venus. They attract things to you. Not just a romantic partner but also wealth and prosperity. The book has an abundance of tips, suggestions, advice and best of all, specific instructions on how to manifest the prosperity you seek using crystals and gemstones. There are some metaphysical precepts such as whatever you put your energy into will work for you. Energy isn't static. The author teaches you how to direct your energy.

There are layouts -- grids -- to bring in any number of desired outcomes. There are rituals to perform and tools to use. If you're not familiar with Chinese feng shui, an energy-directing technique through proper placement, Ms. Hall will  instruct you about the bagua. Did you know your house actually has a wealth corner? Other rooms rule over different aspects, like family and health.

Unlike many how-to books, this one's also fun. Like mixing the pie dough with your hands. The author encourages you to find your own stone, The ideal is to go outside and hunt for it but that isn't always possible/ But when you find your own stone it's truly yours. It was meant for you  You choose it, you cleanse it, you program it, you take care of it. In return, it works for you.

There are two sections to the book. The Prosperity Stones Compendium and the A - Z Directory to help you choose your stones. The only drawback is A -Z is words only. There are no color illustrations. I suggest using the book in tandem with Ms. Hall's Crystal Bible vol.I or the excellent Illustrated Guide to the Crystals. Especially if you're not familiar with crystals and the many various gemstones.

Overall, Ms. Hall scores again with this latest addition to her crystal prescriptions series. .

~review by Judy Blackstone

author: Judy Hall
O-Books/John Hunt Publ., 2020
280 pp., $20.95