The Moon Affirmations Coloring Book is a supplement to the book, Moon Affirmations: Daily Meditations Using the Moon Phase to Focus Your Energy. Not having read that book, my evaluation is based on this as a stand alone coloring book. There are excerpts from the book on the left page with the page number and chapter it comes from. Then on the facing page is a drawing corresponding to this affirmation. For example; "For the one courageous enough to reach the greatest of heights" is matched with a coloring page of stars with a background pattern reminiscent of a partial spider web.

While no doubt these images and phrases serve as a useful mnemonic device for those who have used the meditations, if one has no knowledge of the original book, it is like looking at one of those daily affirmation calendars. It's OK to be out of context when your focus is on drawing. It's probably a richer experience if it relates to the original text in your memory. All the images are hand drawn and some have a kind of doodle quality to them as if one were daydreaming in class. There are puzzle pieces, bubbles, hieroglyphs, landscapes, butterflies, trees, leaves and columns in various combinations.

These images are easy to color and suitable for all ages. It may appeal more to those familiar with the book but for someone who just wants to color simple drawings, it will serve nicely.

~review by Larissa Carlson

Authors: Eileen Troemel and TJ Jahns, Illustrator
Stone Publishing, 2017
pp. 36, $6.99