Another entry in Red Wheel Weiser's Plain & Simple series, Reincarnation, by Krys & Jass Godly is a small book full of information packed chapters.  With 12 chapters as well as an introduction and conclusion the authors do a thorough job of describing what reincarnation is as well as showing that it is a belief which pops up in many belief systems and cultures around the world. 

While many of the chapters discuss just what reincarnation is, they also detail different ways in which one can discover some of their past lives.  A couple of these chapters are hypnotic regression, spontaneous recall and past life readings.  Furthermore the authors include a chapter on proof of past lives, showing how one can tie experiences into their past lives.  One chapter I really did enjoy reading was chapter seven, fears and phobias.  I found this chapter to be very informational, discussing how experiences from past lives can directly tie into the individual's current incarnation. Other chapters included are readings, karma and reincarnation, health and reincarnation as well as others in our incarnations.  

One thing I do have to mention is that much of this book is less information and history and more the author's personal experiences.  While it's good to have these stories to help illustrate points and ideas, it takes away from the information aspect of the book. 

With all that being said, I am fairly neutral about this book. I found the chapters to be unfortunately short and included more stories, as opposed to information.  If you are truly passionate about reincarnation than this book may be for you.  However if you are simply looking for information, then I would pass this book over.

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Authors: Krys & Jass Godly
127ppg; $14.95
2010, 2016; Red Wheel Weiser