It appears that with his last opus, Timothy Wyllie and/or the angelic being he channeled wanted to pay tribute to Kurt Vonnegut.  In a weird blend of nonfiction/science fiction and autobiography, the narrative jumps through time and perspective in ways hard to follow. By the end, the reader is left with a feeling that the Earth is danger but…that’s OK?

To give clarity to my position: I do not read Timothy Wyllie books or Urantia material unless forced. While channeled material has its place, it is not an area of interest for me so my exposure is limited to a few guided meditations and anthologies. I have no compelling reason to believe or disbelieve the existence of Atlantis and Lemuria. I am skeptical about Starseed/space alien enlightenment. This makes working with this material hard because Wyllie invested heavily in all these things.

To better understand the context of the book in hopes of forming a coherent opinion, I did investigate the Process Church that Wyllie served for so many years. The Process Church of the Final Judgement was founded by a couple excommunicated by the Church of Scientology. It began as overt monotheism, then shifted. As of the 21st century the church venerates four deities: Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan and Christ. Different people in Wyllie’s life are described as “Jehovah-aligned” “Lucifer-aligned” and so on. From what I could glean from the material, all members of the church are celibate. Several passages speak critically, even misogynistically, of different women Wyllie interacted with during his time with the Processeans. It appears that Wyllie might himself have been unaware of the actual misogyny of his words. One paragraph even mentions Isaac Aasimov’s “avuncular” sexual harassment as though it’s an amusing anecdote.

The whole of the text is written from the channeled perspective of a Watcher angel. This Watcher, like the four deities of the Processean church, are space aliens stewarding the development of souls throughout the universe. Earth, according to this account, is endangered because the Prince watching over its development closed the energy grid to an only three-dimensional reality. This means that it becomes extremely difficult to reincarnate on a different planet. The system, however, does not seem effective, as Watcher/Wyllie reported that many souls make it through anyway.

So…everything is OK?

~ review by Diana Rajchel

Author: Wyllie, Timothy
Bear & Company, 2018
348 pp.; $22.00