Ms. Hamilton elo­quently captures the es­sence of the ancient ways of the Celts, the so-called "Mysterious Ones," truth, nature and knowledge being the mainstay of this richly diverse matri­archal society whose reverence for the earth and deep-seated belief in the close proximity of the spirit world are herein re­vealed.


Organized by season, starting with Samhain, this book shows how to invoke nature into our daily lives by appreciating the natural rhythms of the year. Medita­tions on the seasons and elements plus de­vices enabling us to interpret the symbols of nature are provided for us simple les­sons via tales and songs. Ms. Hamilton says that "the purpose of these extracts is to give glimpses of the myths and to point to some of the deeper meanings embed­ded within them."


A glossary and pronunciation guide is provided, as well as informational sources, references and resources furnished for anyone wishing to follow up with fur­ther in-depth studies into this diversely rich heritage.


The Celtic Book of Seasonal Medita­tions will satisfy those seeking to learn the fundamentals and core concepts of Celtic ways. In addition, this is a valuable hardbound book small enough to be car­ried by those who have studied Celtic traditions and want something for easy ref­erence.


~review by Lone Eagle Eye

Author: Claire Hamilton

Red Wheel 2003

pp. 263, $21.95