Part of the Pagan Children Learning series, What Is An Altar is an adorable little book aimed at assisting Pagan parents teaching their children about what an altar is, as well as how to make one.  Just 38 pages long this little book works in two page sets. The first page has a short bit about altars and the second page has a water color style picture illustrating what the other page was talking about.  For example, the page stating that an altar is a place where one can honor deity, nature and/or ancestors, the corresponding image has three little pictures in it, each representing nature, deity and ancestors. 

What Is An Altar handles both what is an altar and then has a small project for the child to make their own, so also includes how to make one.  Though Moss and Lamb did include the items which usually go on altars, such as an athame, chalice, incense and so forth, I wish they also had included a short bit about what each of those items are.  While that may be included in one of the other books from the series, if the reader only has this one that is, I feel, a missing component. 

One other thing I like that Rowan and Lamb included was a glossary,  They also added that, the words which are included in the glossary are green and italicized.  This would really make it easy for the child to flip back and forth between the book and glossary.  The simplicity of this book lends it to be best for younger children and I really must recommend it for parents looking for books to assist them in teaching Paganism to their children! 

~review by: Jessica Elizabeth

Authors: Rowan Moss & T S Lamb
38ppg; $10.99
Megalithica Books; 2016